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Windows 10 2004 KB4566782 update breaks Microsoft Office apps

Windows 10 2004 KB4566782 update is causing Microsoft Office apps such as Excel to crash and stop responding, the company has confirmed. Some users with Chinese and Japanese languages set as input methods using the Microsoft Input Method Editor (IME) have been facing numerous problems after installing the KB4566782 security patch on their Windows 10 2004 machines.

This update causes Microsoft Excel and some other Office apps to freeze or show an error or stop responding altogether. Describing the issue, Microsoft says:

“When using some apps, such as Microsoft Excel, users of the Microsoft Input Method Editor (IME) for Chinese and Japanese might receive an error, or the app might stop responding or close when attempting to drag using the mouse.”

Microsoft is currently investigating the issue and working on a resolution, which will be available in an upcoming release. But currently, there is a temporary workaround to fix this issue.

How to prevent Microsoft Office apps from crashing after installing KB4566782

  1. Select Start, type Settings and select it or press enter
  2. Type IME settings into the search box within Settings
  3. Select the IME settings appropriate to your language
  4. Select General
  5. Turn on Use previous version of Microsoft IME
The above-mentioned procedure is only a temporary workaround for Windows 10 2004 users impacted by this issue.

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