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Instagram Silently Rolls Out Message Reminders (You Can Turn Then Off!)

Instagram has silently rolled out a new feature that some users might find annoying. We are talking about Message Reminders. An app sending reminders to check missed or unread messages is not a new thing. Some messenger apps like Skype send reminders to users who have not opened incoming messages. 

Apparently, Instagram has now got a new, similar feature at least on Android. These reminders come in the form of a notification, similar to any other notifications including direct messages. However, the only difference is even if you cleared an original notification without responding to a message, Instagram will still send you another notification after a period.

In our case, we received this new reminder notification around 23 hours after receiving the first (original message) notification.

Just to make it clear, reminder notifications are not the same as standard notifications that will not go away even after clearing them or reappear along with other unread messages. These are new notifications altogether.

So, what's worse than a single notification? Two (or we don't know how many more) notifications for the same message. But luckily for users, Instagram has also added a way to turn off these reminders inside app settings. These are newly added settings for a newly added feature.

Update the app first!

How to turn on/off Message Reminders on Instagram

  1. Go to Instagram app
  2. Tap the hamburger menu at the top right corner
  3. Go to 'Settings and privacy'
  4. Select 'Notifications' under 'How you use Instagram' section
  5. Tap 'Messages'
  6. Set message reminders to on/off.

There you will find a new setting for message reminders. You can turn these reminders on/off from here. 

Interestingly, there are no additional settings to change the frequency of these reminders or the duration after which you would like to be reminded of an unread message.