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Chrome's Safety Check to Show Number of Reused Passwords

Chrome is working to introduce an enhanced feature to its 'Safety Check'. Chrome will display the number of reused passwords in the password check row during a safety check, Techtsp has spotted and analyzed the code of the recently merged Chromium commit.

Safety Check is an integral feature of  Chrome designed to monitor and enhance password security. It analyses various factors such as compromised passwords, weak passwords, and with the forthcoming update, it will extend its reach to reused passwords.

When one account's security is compromised, the reuse of its password across multiple accounts potentially allows cyber attackers to access all connected accounts.

Once released, this feature is expected to provide users with a clear insight into their password usage habits. By displaying the number of reused passwords during a Safety Check, users will have an enhanced visibility of their potential security vulnerabilities. With this information at their fingertips, they can take immediate and appropriate actions to fortify their accounts.

Users could then choose to update their passwords manually or resort to a password manager to generate unique, strong passwords for each account.

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