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Exclusive: Desktop PWAs to Support "Borderless Mode" Starting with Chrome 115

Chrome is set to introduce a new Borderless Mode feature that could revolutionize the user interface of installed desktop web apps, Techtsp is able to report on the development. This feature is currently being tested and is rolling out with Chrome 115.

With borderless mode enabled, the client area of the app will extend to cover the entire window. This includes the title bar area and windowing control buttons such as close, maximize/restore, and minimize. It provides the ability for developers to custom-draw and handle input for the entire window, resulting in Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) that feel more akin to native apps.

The borderless mode re-uses capabilities built with window-controls-overlay, like draggable regions. It also involves new web app manifest entry and changes to frame (hiding the native title bar). The changes associated with this feature will only be enabled for PWAs that opt in, ensuring minimal risks to the browser as a whole.

The borderless mode feature will initially target only desktop operating systems. A prototype implementation is currently available only on Linux, ChromeOS, and Lacros. Support for Windows is expected closer to the launch of Chrome 115.

Unfortunately, Android and Android WebView will not be part of the initial rollout of this feature.

Chrome 155 hits 'Beta' channel on May 31, 2023 while the stable version will be released on July 12, 2023.

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