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Updated Google Chrome Canary 86 edits Tab Groups faster

Google is readying the Tab Group feature in Chrome, that’s all we know for now. Meanwhile, Chrome engineers have been consistently improving the user experience of the Tab Group, aiming to keep the final feature free of trouble. In the latest version of Chrome Canary v86, a small change has been implemented. Chrome users can now edit Tab groups as soon as they create them, Techtsp has spotted.

Chrome Canary 86 now shows the editor bubble immediately after a new group is created. This change is enabled by default. Well, the Tab Group feature is also available in Chrome Dev. Hence, for the comparison’s sake, you can see what has changed. In the latest version of Chrome Canary, once you create a Tab Group, you will immediately come across the editor bubble prompting you to name the group, assign color code to it, etc.

In the absence of this change, Chrome users have to manually click on the small circle icon before the tab to come across the editor bubble. Meaning, this change only saves one click. Since this update is currently limited to Chrome’s Canary build, the existing Chrome Developer build doesn’t support this feature. However, upcoming Chrome Dev releases will expectedly incorporate this small but essential change.

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