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Google Chrome 86 Omnibox disables zoom in/out buttons at max/min levels

Google Chrome continues to bring changes to the existing web browser functionalities. Starting v86, Chrome’s Omnibox will disable zoom in and out buttons upon reaching maximum and minimum levels respectively. The change has been made available in the latest version of Chrome Canary v86. 

This happens to be an essential design change if not a major one. This change may be inspired by the way users interact with certain Chrome functionalities irrespective of their scope and outcome. Upon Zooming in or out on web pages, Chrome’s Omnibox brings up a number of options.

Chrome users can make use of the Ctrl key and “+” or “-” combos to increase or decrease the page magnification. Chrome’s Omnibox shows the level of Zoom, in addition to on-screen buttons that allow users to change the magnification levels.

Despite reaching the minimum (25 percent) or maximum (500 percent) magnification level, there are no visual indications that the user has reached the minimum or maximum Zoom level. The only indication is that the magnification level will stop changing upon reaching a certain level.

Starting Chrome v86, this will change. Upon reaching the minimum or maximum level, the Omnibox will disable the on-screen buttons. As a result, these buttons will no longer be clickable once users reach maximum or minimum magnification (Zoom) levels.