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Chrome to Unlock Unfiltered Clipboard Access with New API

Async Clipboard API: Unfettered HTML Access in Chrome! Boost web dev efficiency & creativity. Paste tables, build dynamic elements, say goodbye to sanitization. Secure & controlled. Coming soon!

Get ready, web devs, because Chrome is about to drop a game-changer: unfettered access to raw HTML in the Async Clipboard API. This means you can finally ditch the sanitized snippets and embrace the full power of rich content directly from the clipboard. This might sound like a technical jargon salad, but trust me, it's a web development dream come true.

But hold on, what exactly does "unsanitized" mean? Well, it simply means you get the raw HTML data, warts and all, without any pesky filtering or alterations. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities:

Imagine this: you effortlessly paste that beautifully formatted table from your design tool, complete with images and styles, straight into your web page. No more clunky workarounds or data loss! You build a dynamic web app that instantly transforms pasted HTML into interactive elements like charts, graphs, or even embeddable widgets. The possibilities are endless! You say goodbye to the tedious chore of manually cleaning up sanitized HTML fragments. This API gives you the raw materials you need to work with, saving you precious time and frustration.

But wait, isn't raw HTML dangerous? You're absolutely right. Accessing unsanitized HTML comes with inherent security risks. Malicious actors could potentially inject code or exploit vulnerabilities in your web app. But fear not, developers will have explicit control over whether to use the unsanitized option. By default, Chrome will continue to sanitize clipboard content for added security.

So, when can you get your hands on this exciting new feature? Chrome is currently in the "Prepare to ship" stage, which means it's undergoing final testing and refinement before a wider rollout. It’s enabled by default in Chrome 122 (Dev and on going beta), which will ship to stable towards the end of February 2024.