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Google Chrome to Add Array Grouping Methods

Google Chrome 117 is adding two new methods to the Object and Map objects: groupBy() and mapGroupBy(). These methods allow developers to group elements in an array based on a common property, such as the first letter of a word or the date an event occurred.

The groupBy() method returns a plain object, where the groups are property keys and the values are arrays of elements. The mapGroupBy() method returns a Map object, where the keys are arbitrary values and the values are arrays of elements.

The main benefits of these new methods are for web developers to efficiently group elements in arrays based on common properties, simplifying data analysis tasks and making it easier to manipulate and organize data in their applications.

This enhanced functionality in JavaScript can result in more efficient and concise code for developers, potentially leading to faster and more feature-rich web applications.

It might also allow developers to create more sophisticated data analysis tools on the client-side, which could improve the overall user experience in web applications that leverage these new methods.

The new methods are currently in the Chrome Dev Channel and are expected to be released in the stable channel in the coming months.