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[Exclusive] Google Chrome will be soon getting dedicated side search panel

Google is currently working to add a new side search panel to its Chrome desktop browser, Techtsp has spotted multiple Chromium commits confirming this new development. Apparently, this move is aimed at driving more traffic to Google Search while allowing users to continue working within the existing tab without getting distracted. 

Google Chrome Side Search: What is it?

Searching the web while working on some task can be a distraction at times. Therefore, Google has decided to soon allow users to search within the Chrome browser without actually navigating away from your existing tab. For instance, if you have to search the web using Google search, you will no longer have to search or navigate to within the existing tab.

Instead, Google will provide users with the side search panel within the Chrome browser which will then take care of all your outbound activities. This way, Google Chrome aims to minimize additional navigations and encourage a distraction-free web browsing and searching experience within the browser itself.

Google Chrome Side Search: How does it work?

From the Initial Side Search commit that has already been merged, the Side Search panel can be triggered through Chrome’s navigation toolbar. The side search panel could be a separate, dedicated floating Google Search window within the Chrome browser which will not only allow users to search but also remember the previous search queries.

"SideSearchTabContentsHelper is a TabHelper subclass attached to a Chrome browser tab. It will monitor its WebContents for navigations to a Google search page and keeps record of the most recently encountered Google search page. It owns the side panel WebContents associated with its browser tab that is embedded in the side search side panel. SideSearchSideContentsHelper will be responsible for intercepting navigations and routing them to the main tab contents if these navigations are to a non-Google search page. Otherwise navigations will proceed in the side panel. The SideSearchBrowserController manages the SidePanel and ensures the correct WebContents is hosted in the side panel," Chromium commit reads.

Chrome already has an experimental side panel available behind the feature flag. The functionality of the same side panel may be extended to incorporate the search feature.

All non-Google search pages will be opened in the browser tab whereas Google search pages will continue to navigate within the side panel. Meaning, as long as you are not trying to open a non-Google search page, you will continue to surf the Internet within this upcoming side panel.

Once you have clicked on some third-party website within the search results, it will be opened in the normal Chrome tab.

This feature is currently under development and will be accessible through a Chrome flag in the near future.