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Chrome working on new ‘Privacy Review’ settings

Chrome has been working on a new feature 'Privacy Review' to help users review various privacy settings, Techtsp has spotted a new development. Available behind a feature flag, this feature will serve as an entry point to new privacy checkups in the Chrome browser.

Privacy Review in Chrome

This new feature flag has been added to the Developer build and is disabled by default. Once enabled, it shows a new subpage under the ‘Privacy and security’ tab in Chrome.

The flag description reads:

“Shows a new subpage in Settings that helps the user to review various privacy settings.”

How Privacy Review Chrome flag works

Enabling the new #privacy-review feature flag in Chrome adds a new subpage under privacy settings called ‘Privacy and security review.’ This will help users review the most important privacy and security controls in one place.

However, clicking on the new ‘privacy review’ tab did not open any new settings. It looks like the feature is not fully ready and is currently under development.

In addition to the Privacy Review flag commit, we have reviewed several other related commits that haven’t been merged yet. Some of these commits carry status as WIP (Work In Progress).

We can safely assume that Chrome developers are actively working on new ‘Privacy Review’ settings.

How to enable #privacy-review flag in Chrome

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Navigate to chrome://flags
  3. Locate ‘Privacy Review’ feature flag
  4. Set the flag to Enable immediately using the drop-down menu
  5. Relaunch Chrome

New Privacy Review settings will be available on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS platforms.