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Google Chrome will soon restrict browser customization at workplace

Google Chrome is working towards adding an enterprise policy for configuring the browser theme color, has spotted a new development.

This new feature will practically prevent Chrome users from changing the theme color of the browser.

However, this has been designed for enterprise users (systems enrolled as a part of an organization) and not personal users. The feature is currently under development.

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Google's enterprise policy for configuring Chrome's theme color

Here is how the feature will work. The system admins can now create a policy that will set a single theme color across all Chrome systems.

Meaning, individual employees in the firm will not be able to change the browser theme color.

While the preliminary code review and UI check are complete, we are a few steps away from seeing this feature in action.

Developers have used an intuitive User Interface for this feature. has also obtained some screenshots showing how the customization options will appear.

The user interface has been organized pretty well, and it does not confuse users.

Only admins can choose a single hex color string that Chrome will apply throughout the web browser across all desktop systems.

It could curtail some freedom from users who use the Chrome web browser at workplaces.

We still do not know when this feature will become a part of Chrome's enterprise policy.

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