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Microsoft Teams shipping new ‘lock video spotlight’ feature next month

Microsoft Teams will soon introduce a new video spotlight feature that will enable locking a particular video feed for all attendees to stream. We have seen an official roadmap, which confirms Microsoft Teams will soon allow presenters to lock on an individual video participant for all users in a meeting. While the upcoming ‘video spotlight’ feature in Microsoft Teams is currently in development, it is slated for September 2020 release.

“We are delivering the ability for presenters to lock on an individual video feed for all attendees to see during a Teams meeting. Once selected, the individual identified as the spotlight will be the main video shown to all participants. This applies to PC, Mac, mobile, and Microsoft Teams room systems,” Microsoft said.

Interestingly, Skype for Business already provides users with a feature called Lock the video spotlight so that meeting hosts can lock the video spotlight on the main speaker. But since no such feature is available in Microsoft Teams, users have been requesting a similar functionality for quite some time now. Requesting the 'Lock the video feature' in Microsoft Teams, one user said:

“We want to be able to force the teacher video as the main focus (e.g. the teacher at the front of the room writing on the board) but also ensure this is what shows on the meeting recording as well (so students who couldn't attend can view again later). We need the recorded meeting to only show the 'video spotlight' that's selected by the teacher.”

Earlier this year, Microsoft confirmed its plans to let a meeting presenter lock the video stream for all attendees in the near future.

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