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Delayed account verification email from Stripe causes panic

Congratulations your Stripe account is verified

Did you receive a random account verification email from the payment processor Stripe in the last couple of days? Well, you are not alone.

Recently, we received an email from Stripe saying that our account is verified. But we had signed up for a Stripe account more than a month ago. We reached out to Stripe to understand what exactly caused the delay in verification confirmation.

In response to our query, Stripe said that they were aware of an issue of random account verification email:

"We're aware of an issue where some automatic emails sent from Stripe with a subject line "Congratulations—your Stripe account is verified", though no update you made."

“We regularly review and update our verification logic to ensure we're taking the right steps to keep the financial services ecosystem healthy while continuing to provide better user experience. In this case, that review resulted in reducing the number of information to complete verification,” Stripe told Techtsp.

According to Stripe, the account verification email was delayed due to a bug. In a conversation over Twitter DM, Stripe apologized for the issue:

“Looks like that occurred due to a bug on our end—so sorry about the delay!”

Stripe has already acknowledged an issue where some automatic emails sent from the company included a subject line - "Congratulations—your Stripe account is verified."

This email may have caused panic among those who received it since apparently, users did not perform the verification at that time. We are not sure how many Stripe users have received these random account verification emails.

Did you also receive a random account verification email from Stripe? Let us know in the comments below.

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