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Google Chrome users can soon mute mic, turn off camera, end video calls with picture-in-picture

Google Chrome is extending Picture-in-Picture (PiP) capabilities to video conferencing actions with the help of something called Media Session API, has spotted a new development. This feature has not shipped to any Chrome channel and is only being prototyped at the moment.

This feature will allow users to easily mute their microphone, enable/disable the camera, or end their conference calls using a PiP window. has also obtained an early UX mockup of the feature.

"We want to make picture-in-picture (PIP) more useful on video conferencing platforms by enabling the user to mute/unmute their microphone, enable/disable their camera, or hang up the call from the PIP window. To accomplish this, we’ll add new actions for these to the MediaSession API and let websites declare handlers for those actions," said Google engineer Tommy Steimel in a design document seen by

This functionality is mostly applicable with Desktop platforms, including Linux, Mac, Windows, and Chrome OS. While Chrome for Android doesn’t support the Picture-in-Picture API at the moment, Chrome-level Picture-in-Picture has not been implemented on Chrome for iOS as of now.

The picture-in-picture window exists already and this is just adding controls to that. Google says they are keeping the design simple by using the existing Media Session API infrastructure, and no user privacy concerns are expected.

This feature is currently under development.

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