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Zoho Notebook for Microsoft Teams now available

Microsoft has announced the launch of Zoho’s note-taking app called Zoho Notebook for Microsoft Teams. As a result of this move, Zoho Notebook and Teams users can create, access, and edit all their note cards without switching browser tabs. You can organize and personalize your note cards by color-coding them. All you need to do is install the Zoho Notebook tab for Microsoft Teams.

“Save time and jot down your thoughts the moment you think of them using the new Zoho Notebook tab for Microsoft Teams. Take notes, create to-do lists, capture moments, and add files and spreadsheets with the different types of note cards in Notebook. You can also access and edit your note cards without having to switch tabs,” Microsoft said in its blog post.

Zoho is also providing Microsoft customers with Zoho Wallet credits worth $500. For more details, check out the Microsoft blog post.